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Friends 4 Ever !
— The Trio

Arrow Tubbie (or just Orange Tubbie) is a secondary character of the Slendytubbies series and one of its antagonists. He appears as a threat in the Multiplayer of Slendytubbies III.

He was an experiment subject, along with his friends Claw Tubbie and Yeti Tubbie.


He is a tall and skinny teletubbie with a dark, reddish-orange skin and red marks all over his body. He has a grey face with empty-looking eyes and a lower jaw with orange teeth. His antenna is triangular and similar to an arrow.


Even though the Arrow Tubbie doesn't make a physical appearance, he appears in a drawing that The Guardian can find while exploring the Teletubby Cave during the first part of Chapter 2 - The Journey.

He is also mentioned in a Easter Egg found in one of The Guardian's computer screen where a binary code, if translated, says "The orange teletubbie must die".


In Collect and Versus, he appears as the sole threat of the Training Maze.

Like other monsters, he will approach the closest Tubby Custard to the player and patrol around it, until he spots the player. When the player is spotted, he will scream and chase the player until all nearby players are far away enough or dead. He is a certain threat due to his fast attacks and the many dead-ends in the maze which can leads the player to a certain death. He is however rather slow when running.


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He appears as the boss at the tenth wave of his respective map.


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He can appears as an enemy, an ally or a playable character.


  • His lower jaw come from a texture behind his head, and isn't connected to his actual mouth.
    • This can be seen by looking at him from the sides, or during his attacking animation.
  • The player can find notes in the cave, which were written by an experimented teletubbie.
    • One of the notes shows a drawing where in it are: Him, Claw Tubbie and Yeti Tubbie.
    • It's possible that he is the one who wrote the notes.
  • His design share some similarities with Laa-Laa's.
  • Him, The New Borns Duo, Lake Dipsy, Claw Tubbie and Crawler Tubbie, all attack faster than the other enemies, making them pretty hard to dodge.
  • He is ones of the four characters to not have more than one mutation, the others being: Laa-Laa, Claw Tubbie and Yeti Tubbie.
  • The original source of his battle theme is from The Nothing Battles
  • His nickname "Orange Tubbie" is just referring to his color, while his other known nickname "Arrow Tubbie" is referring to his antenna shape and his fast attacks.
  • In the trio, each members seems to be the extreme of what they looked like before being infected.
    • He is thin and skinny unlike his friends, meaning that he was probably thinner than them before.
    • They are also bigger than the main four teletubbies on their first and only mutation, meaning they were probably originally bigger than them.
  • He is taller than his friends in the trio drawing where he appears, though it can be inaccurate.
    • As an Infected, he is smaller than both of them.

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