Aythadis Avatar
Gender Male
Occupation Mapper
Residency Canada

Aythadis is a mapper for the Slendytubbies saga. He is also a member of ZeoWorks and he created some games.

Aythadis was a Kickstarter backer for one of ZeoWorks projects "Terror Engine" (TE). After being an Alpha tester and being in contact with Sean Toman to help improve TE, he then started helping others with TE and created video tutorials for the Terror Engine.

Using TE he created the game "Darkest Night." Darkest Night was then included with the release of TE. He then created another game called "Haunted Manor" using TE as well.

Aythadis helped with the mapping and testing of Slendytubbies II.

In Slendytubbies 2D, Aythadis created the map Custard Reject Facility.


Games by AythadisEdit

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