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The content of this page is not canon, and therefore, should not be interpreted as part of the lore.
Want to know about their origin? Their backstory can be read here, posted by their creator.

Brute Tubbies

Brutes S3
Name Kleve Kleve & Klave Klave
Alias Brute Twins
Brute Tubbies
Gender Males
Species Twisted Teletubbies
Color Beige
Antenna Sharpened
Attack Cleaver Hit
Exploding Spiky Rock Trail (Survival)
Status Alive

Brute Tubbies are non-canon enemies that appear in the Slendytubbies III Multiplayer.

They are original characters designed by the user Ruption Shine.


In-game, they are beige teletubbies, both carrying a normal cleaver. Their body shape is the same as a regular teletubby's, their moon shaped antennas are identical, blood leaks out of their mouths, and they lack boots and gloves, contrary to their original design.

Brute ref

Their original reference.

In their original design, they are tall and rather muscular beige teletubbies with a sharpened (or moon-shaped) antenna, empty eyes and sharp teeth. They both also wear brown gloves, brown boots, and carry a spiked cleaver. The only difference between them is the orientation of their antenna.


They are the threats of the Cabin.

In Collect, they appear as the main threats. Like other monsters, they will approach then patrol the nearest Tubby Custard to the player, until spotting the player. When the player is spotted, they will emit a grunt, then begin chasing the player until all players are far away enough. If next to a player, they will swing their cleaver at them, killing any nearby players. They produce a heavy breathing noise, allowing the player to detect them more easily. Although they are not very dangerous due to their slow attack, they can catch players on the staircases inside the cabins and can surprise them with their numbers. In Versus, the room creator plays as one of the two Brute Tubbies.

In Survival, they appear as the bosses in the tenth wave. Both of them have a high amount of health, though it is lower than other bosses for balancing due to other bosses only appearing as one entity. Like other bosses, they will constantly move towards the player, use a melee attack with 60 base damage whenever a player is next to one of them, and run or teleport occasionally to get in range for an attack or dodge the player's attacks. Periodically, they will use their special attack when in range.

They both have only one special attack:

  • Summon a line of spiky volcanic rocks at the player, dealing damage as they appear. After a short amount of time, they will explode, dealing extra damage.

Upon killing both of them, the game ends.



Brute Tubbie Idle

Their idle breathing noise.

Brute Tubbie Scream

The grunt they make when spotting the player.


Runaway - Instrumental

Their boss fight theme in Survival.


  • They are two of the three fan-made characters that have been added to the game, the other being Scythe Tubbie.
  • They are two of the Twisted Teletubbies, a group composed of four non-infected, insane teletubbies, created by the characters' original creator. They are also cannibals, and are not infected.
  • Their design is inspired by two halloween costumes of Laa-Laa and Dipsy.
    • An edited picture of the costumes was used as a popup in Slendytubbies II.
    • The Brute Tubbies are not meant to be the same characters as the costumes, as explained by their creator.
  • They are one of the only two enemies to be in a pair, the other being the New Borns.
  • The Brute Tubbies and the Shadow Tubbie are the only enemies of the entire saga to not be infected.
  • Unlike other enemies, their model uses the old teletubby head from previous games.
  • The Brute Tubbies and the map they appear in are planned to be eventually updated in a future update.

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