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Brute Tubbies

Brutes S3
Name Kleve Kleve & Klave Klave
Alias Brute Twins
Brute Tubbies
Gender Males
Species Twisted Teletubbies
Color Beige
Antenna Crumple
Attack Cleaver Hit
Lava Spikes (Survival)
Status Alives

Brute Tubbies are non-canon, threats that appears in Slendytubbies III, in Multiplayer.

They are OCs of the user Ruption Shine.


They are tall and rather muscular, beige teletubbies with an crumpled (or moon-shaped) antenna, empty eyes and sharp teeth. They also wears brown gloves, brown boots, and carries a spiked cleaver. Description of their original appearance

In Slendytubbies III, they have the same body shape than a normal teletubbie, carrying a normal cleaver.


They are the threats of the Cabin.

They patrols around the map and stay near each custards for a little while. They will chase the player after spotting him, but will lose interest if it gets too far away.

The fact they are two makes things harder, because they will protect together the custards. For custards in cabins, one can be inside, and the other being outside.

They are also the final bosses of the Survival Mode and one of them is the playable character of the "Versus Mode".



Brute Tubbie Idle
When they spotts the player
Brute Tubbie Scream


Boss Battle (Survival)
Chase Music


  • They are ones of the OCs that have been added in the game, the other being Scythe Tubbie.
  • They are part of the Twisted Teletubbies, a group composed of four non-infected, insane teletubbies, created by the same person.
  • Their overall design is inspired of two halloween costumes of Laa-Laa and Dipsy, that also can be seen here
  • It's the second duo of enemies of the saga, after the New Borns.
  • They are cannibal and non-infected.
  • Them and Shadow Tubbie are the only harmful teletubbies of the entire saga to not be infected.
  • Unlike the rest of the enemies, their model is based on the old teletubbie model from the previous games.
  • The only way to differentiate them is to look at their antenna (original appearance)

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