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The content of this page is not canon, and therefore, should not be interpreted as part of the lore.


First Appearance Slendytubbies III
Threat(s) Brute Tubbies
Size Small
Time Dawn
Linked to Teletubby Lake

The Cabin is one of the different maps available of Slendytubbies III in Multiplayer.

It is non-canon and have been created for the user Ruption Shine


It's a place isolated in forested mountains and connected to a lake. As its name suggests, cabins are located around the place; three are close to each other, one is near of a wooden tower, and another one is isolated and in front of the lake.


The Cabin is one of the maps the player can choose, on four different modes. It is wandered by the Brute Tubbies.

The latters can have six different starting locations :

  • Two are on the ponts.
  • Two are on the edge of the lake, near the climb
  • One is at a dead-end
  • One is near the lakefront cabin.

Notable Areas

  • Cabins
  • Wooden Tower
  • Dead-end



Forest Ambience


  • It is one of the two maps that have been added for people in particular, the other being Military Outpost.
  • It's the only outdoor map of the entire saga to be classed as small.
    • The map itself is not small.
  • It seems to be uncanonically connected to the Teletubby Lake.
  • The place, and their threats, are planned to be eventually updated in a future update.

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