For the original counterpart of Dipsy, see Dipsy.
For his final state, see Dipsy (enemy).

Dipsy Chainsaw
Headless Tubby
Character Information
Gender Male
Species Infected Teletubbie
Color Green
Attack Chainsaw - Contact

Dipsy Chainsaw (a.k.a Brute Tubbie) is the first mutation of Dipsy, in Slendytubbies II.


He is taller, muscular, covered in blood and lack his head. He wears brown gloves and wield an ocher chainsaw.


He is the threat of the Teletubby Secret Center :

He is wandering around the map and places himself near every custards. He spotts the player from a specific distance and start chasing it if it approaches him too much. He is pretty fast and can kill the player just by contact. His chainsaw makes loud revving noises when he is nearby.

He doesn't appears in the Training Maze because he is already in here, on his final state.


When he spots the player

Chainsaw Operating


Chainsaw Idle


  • It was speculated that there was two Dipsy, but in fact, it is the same character on different mutations.
  • It is unknown how he is able to spott and locate the player while he don't has eyes and ears.
  • He is the only enemy to wield an actual weapon.
    • He is also the only enemy who does not have a scream.
  • Unlike the others, he can kill the player instantly just by contact.
    • Even though he can kill the player just by touching it, he has an attacking animation.
  • He will be back in Slendytubbies III, as seen in Promo #1 of Chapter 3.
    • However, his model is not based on his S2 model.

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