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Friends 4 Ever !
— The Trio

Claw Tubbie is a secondary character of the Slendytubbies series and one of its antagonists. He appears as a minor antagonist in Slendytubbies 2D.


He is a big, rather muscular and disfigured, brown teletubbie covered on blood. His mouth is extended, his right eye is white and his left eye is larger with a glowing white pupil. The flesh of his left hand is exposed, and his antenna is cruciform.


He appears as the sole threat of the Teletubby Cave and one of the threats in the Training Maze.

He follows slowly the player. When the player is close to him, he will scream and speed up until the player gets far away enough. He also emits a heavy breathing. In both locations, he has the same speed as the player, requiring the use of the walls to escape him.


I had a tough time going through that.. horrible, brown monster.
— Laa-Laa, Chapter 2.

Claw Tubbie (a.k.a Cave Tubbie in the game files) reappears in Slendytubbies III as one of the different threats, in both Campaign and Multiplayer.

He was an experiment subject, along with his friends Yeti Tubbie and Arrow Tubbie.


He has a similar appearance from the previous opus. He is a big brown teletubbie with an expanded mouth, a cruciform antenna and white glowing eyes. However, his left arm is more like a disfigured arm unless than a casting of flesh. If one looks closely, his left ear is slightly out of place. He is also noticeably less bloody.


He is one of the two possible threats of Chapter 2 - The Journey, if the player chooses the Cave.

He will introduce himself in a chase sequence, where he'll stop once The Guardian reaches a door that will close before him. He'll then start to patrol in the cave, killing the player if he spots it and approaches it, until the player finds the way to the exit, where another chase sequence will occur.

After this sequence, he is not seen or mentioned again. However, he can be mentioned by Laa-Laa, but it's depending on the player's choices.


In Collect and Versus, he appears as the sole threat of the Cave.

Like other monsters, he will approach the closest Tubby Custard to the player and patrol around it, until he spots the player. When the player is spotted, he will scream and chase the player until all nearby players are far away enough or dead. He serves as a big threat due to his fast attacks as well as the dead-ends that are located in the map, which may lead the player to a certain death.


For more infos, see Survival

He appears at the tenth wave as the final boss.


  • The player can find notes in the cave, which were written by an experimented teletubbie.
    • One of the notes shows a drawing where in it are: Him, Yeti Tubbie and Arrow Tubbie.
    • Considering his disfigured appearance, he could have been the one who got sick before turning into a monster and so, be the one nicknamed "53".
  • He is mostly disfigured on the left side of his body. His left eye hanging out, left arm being mangled up, and even his left ear is out of place when looking closely.
  • Him, The New Borns Duo, Lake Dipsy, Arrow Tubbie and Crawler Tubbie, all attack faster than the other enemies, making them pretty hard to dodge.
  • He is ones of the four characters to not have more than one mutation, the others being: Laa-Laa, Arrow Tubbie and Yeti Tubbie.
  • His nickname "Claw Tubbie" is probably referring to his left arm that may be look like a big spike from far, while his other known nickname "Cave Tubbie" is just referring to the place he is roaming.
  • In the trio, each members seems to be the extreme of what they looked like before being infected.
    • If so, this means that he was probably already big.
    • They are also bigger than the main four teletubbies on their first and only mutation, meaning they were probably originally bigger than them.
  • He seems to have strange eyes in the trio drawing where he appears.

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