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Frustrated Emoticon Crawler Tubbie Frustrated Emoticon
Enemy 2 Sprite
Character Information
Gender Male (possibly)
Species Infected Teletubbie
Color Silver
Antenna Spike
Status Alive
Attack Contact

Crawler Tubbie (a.k.a The Crawling Tubbie) is a minor antagonist in Slendytubbies 2D.


He's a silvery teletubbie without legs. He has a pointed chin, a prominent lower jaw with three fang-like growths, and red eyes. His antenna looks like a spike.


He's the threat of the Custard Reject Facility.

He constantly chases the player and starts moving faster when it approaches him too much, while screaming. He start to move slower again when the player goes enoughly away.

He also appears in the Training Maze, where he has the same speeds as the others tubbies.


The sounds he makes.
Crawler Idle
His scream.


  • He is pretty fast for a character who doesn't has legs.
    • This could means that his arms are pretty strong.
  • He has to be tall, since he is almost as tall as White Tubbie even without legs.
  • His silvery skin and red eyes are probably an albinism reference.
  • He will be back in Slendytubbies III in Multiplayer.
    • His scream is heard on the Multiplayer Promo #1.

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