...It's been missing for so long that I can't even remember when I lost it.
— Dipsy talking about his hat
For his infected states, see Dipsy (enemy)

Dipsy is one of the main characters in the Slendytubbies saga.

He is one of the known victims of Tinky Winky.


Dipsy is similar to his original appearance;

He has a green fur and have an antenna in peak on the top of his head. In his situation, Dipsy is headless and covered with his own blood. After looking closely, his mouth and his eyes are open.


His dead body (and head) lays on the floor of the House.

He doesn't have any role in the game, but he appears in one of the Popups, showing his headless and bloody corpse.


  • It is speculated that Dipsy was perhaps murdered by Tinky Winky with a chainsaw, as shown in the trailer of the sequel.
  • He was the first character who had more than one infected state :

Dipsy makes an apperance in Slendytubbies II.

He especially come back as a threat.


He has the same appearance from the first game.

He is headless and covered with his own blood. His body is, however, underwater.


He is always in the house, of Teletubby Land, but unlike the previous opus, he is not seen, because he is underwater.

He also appears on the Classic Map, and TubbyCraft in a cubic form, but, his body is shown to splatter blood from the neck.


  • His corpse is seen on the Title Screen, along with Laa-Laa's one.
    • This is a contrast with Po's corpse, which was the only one seen on the Title Screen of the first opus.

Dipsy makes an apperance in Slendytubbies 2D.


He has the same appearance:

His body is headless and covered on blood.


He was apparently supposed to be in the game, and then was removed.


  • He has a unused texture, showing only his body covered on blood.
  • He is the only major character who doesn't appears in Slendytubbies 2D.

Dipsy is back in Slendytubbies III.


He has the same appearance from the first and second opus, but his face is different in many ways.


Chapter 0

Dipsy is first seen inside the house, waiting for Po to return. He says that he lost his hat since a long time. Po makes him and her friends Tubby Custards. 10 Hours Later, after Tinky Winky breaks the Custard Machine and leaves the house, Po has the choice to wake him and Laa-Laa up or go alone.

If Po wakes Dipsy and Laa-Laa up and tells them that Tinky Winky broke the custard machine and left, Dipsy tells Po that he'll stay in the house in case Tinky Winky come back.

After Po found out Tinky Winky at the beach, and while escaping him, she returns at the house and found out Dipsy's corpse. He has been murdered.

Chapter 3

He appears as an hallucination during Chapter 3 - Run Away, when The Guardian is heading to the Secret Center. His hallucination doesn't last long as it flashes and reveals to be the chainsaw wielding Dipsy.


  • He has most likely have been murdered during Po's investigation at the Land. Tinky Winky must have came back to the house during that time.
  • His name is referring to his antenna, which refers a dipstick.


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