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Dipsy's Workshop is a spin-off game in the Slendytubbies series.


Its gameplay is reminiscent to that of Fruit Ninja. The objective of the game is to slice as many Teletubbies as possible. The player can miss up to 3 Teletubbies and gets an automatic game over if they slice a bowl of Tubby Custard, which is the Dipsy's Workshop equivalent to the bomb from Fruit Ninja. The Teletubbies as following are;

  • Tinky Winky (125 points)
  • Dipsy (100 points)
  • Laa Laa (100 points)
  • Po (125 points)
  • White Tubbie (150 points)
  • Brown Teletubbie (150 points)
  • Cyan Teletubbie (when sliced, it makes all Teletubbies and Tubby Custards flying on the screen slow down in movement for a short period of time)


  • Classic: The player has to slice as many Teletubbies as possible. They have three chances to miss, and when a Tubby Custard is sliced, it is an instant game over.
  • Timed: The player has 60 seconds to slice as many Teletubbies as possible. If the player slices a bowl of Tubby Custard, they loose 500 points. They have infinite lives, so neglecting, forgetting, etc. to slice a Teletubbie will not increase the chances of getting a game over.


Dipsy's menu
Dipsy's workshop


  • Dipsy is the only character of the saga to have his own game.
  • It's possible that the Brown Teletubbie represents Claw Tubbie, and the Cyan one represents Yeti Tubbie.