For the original counterpart of Dipsy, see Dipsy.
For his previous infected state, see Chainsaw Dipsy.

Angry Emoticon Dipsy Angry Emoticon
Character Information
Gender Male
Species Infected Teletubbie
Color Green
Antenna Dipstick
Status Alive
Attack Headbutt

Dipsy is back in Slendytubbies II as one of the tertiary antagonists. He became an infected, and has been resurrected in an unclear way.

Appearance Edit

He is very tall, with his arms and legs extended. His feet and hands are clawed and his eyes are red, glowing in the dark. His mouth have sharp teeth. He looks like some sort of lizard-like creature.

Behavior Edit

He is the threat of the Teletubby Lake.

Like the others, he is wandering around the map and places himself near every custards. The difference is the fact that: he spotts the player from a big distance and start chasing it from farther than the others tubbies can. He doesn't run, but walk instead, and attacks with a headbutt.

He also appears in the Training Maze. While the others tubbies are grouped together or nearby each others, Dipsy is always a bit farther behind. Unlike his original apparition, he runs while chasing the player.


His scream

Laa Laa Scream

Dipsy talking in Teletubby Lake

Dipsy Background

Trivia Edit

  • He was Dipsy Chainsaw before being the monster he is now.
  • His model resembles the regenerador from Resident Evil 4.
    • This can possibly means he has a similar height, standing around 7.5 feet, possibly more.
  • His scream is a slower version of Po's scream.
    • Laa Laa also has this scream.
    • However, his one is more silent.
  • In the Training Maze, he has the same scream as the New Borns's.
  • He has his own game : Dipsy's Workshop.
  • He is the only enemy to walk instead running while chasing the player.
    • However, his discretion makes him still dangerous.
    • In the Training Maze, he is as fast as the others, but without running animation.
  • He's so tall that he sometimes fail to headbutt the player.
  • It's unknown how Dipsy has recovered his head.
    • It's possible that his second mutation has reassembled his head with his corpse.
  • He is actually talking to the player in the Teletubby Lake ambiance.

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