These are the easter eggs in the Slendytubbies series.


A Voice Trumpet can be found in the south mountains playing a cover of the song "What's Up" by 4 Non Blondes. This is a reference to a video called "HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA" (which is a scene from the video "Fabulous Secret Powers" by slackcircus).


Slendytubbies II

Teletubby Land

Rick astley easter egg

Rick Astley

If the player goes left from the spawn point, and climb up the mountains, they'll find a dancing Rick Astley while his popular song "Never Gonna give You Up" plays in a loop.

  • There are some growls that can be heard randomly. When these growls are sped up, you can hear a voice saying any of these quotes:
Tinkytank 01
Tinkytank 02
Tinkytank 03
Tinkytank 04
Tinkytank 05
Tinkytank 06

Teletubby Secret Lair

  • A dancing Rick Astley can also be found here hiding behind a filter. The music is not playing.

Teletubby Lake

  • The ambiance is actually Dipsy who is possibly talking to the player.
Dipsy Background

Slendytubbies III


  • In Teletubby Cave, a drawing of three teletubbies can be found: Orange Tubbie, Yeti Tubbie and Claw Tubbie.
    • By looking closely to the paper, it will secretly say "Fiends 4oreveɹ".
  • In one of the computers of The Guardian, a Binary Code can be found. If translated, it says:"The Orange Tubbie will die..."

Key Card

ID Card

Unused ID Card image. Made by Ruption Shine

  • When the player find the key-card of one of the engineers, and then look closely to it before pick it up, it can see informations:
    • The Engineer's ID Picture and Name "Tobby"
    • His date of birth, which is 97/3/31, The day when the Teletubbies were released


In the Chapter 2- "The Journey" behind a cave column as soon as it starts are sprites of Sean, and Santikun.

  • The very same sprites can be found in the "container maze" in the Military Outpost map, and in the chair of the Secret Lair in "Chapter 1- A New Day".
    • In addition, a sprite of the maps' creator LeyAM can be found hidden behind the barrels inside a red container at the back side exit of the map.