These are the easter eggs in the Slendytubbies series.


A voice trumpet can be found in the south mountains playing a cover of the song "What's Up" by 4 Non Blondes. This is a reference to a video called "HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA" (which is a scene from the video "Fabulous Secret Powers" by slackcircus).


Slendytubbies II

Teletubby Land

Rick Astley

  • If the player goes left from the spawn point, and climb up the mountains, they'll find a dancing Rick Astley while his popular song "Never Gonna give You Up" plays in a loop.

Tinky Tank

  • There are some growls that can be heard randomly. When these growls are sped up, you can hear a voice saying any of these quotes:
Tinkytank 01
Tinkytank 02
Tinkytank 03
Tinkytank 04
Tinkytank 05
Tinkytank 06

Teletubby Secret Lair

  • A dancing Rick Astley can also be found here hiding behind a filter. The music is not playing.

Teletubby Lake

  • The ambiance is actually Dipsy who is possibly talking to the player.
Dipsy Background

Slendytubbies III



Key Card

ID Card

Unused ID Card image. Made by Ruption Shine

  • When the player find the key-card of one of the engineers, and then look closely to it before pick it up, it can see informations:
    • The Engineer's ID Picture and Name "Tobby"
    • His date of birth, which is 97/3/31, The day when the Teletubbies were released


In the Chapter 2- "The Journey" behind a cave column as soon as it starts are sprites of Sean, and Santikun.

  • The very same sprites can be found in the "container maze" in the Military Outpost map, and in the chair of the Secret Lair in "Chapter 1- A New Day".
    • In addition, a sprite of the maps' creator LeyAM can be found hidden behind the barrels inside a red container at the back side exit of the map.

Slendytubbies 2D

Main Menu

  • On the desertic area, an "STIII" can be seen on the ground. This was a secret teaser about Slendytubbies III.
  • Since the Update 1.5 and on the same area, a meme of the community known as Thicc Noo Noo appears.