For the army enemies of Slendytubbies III, see Survival

The Infected (also known as Monsters, Enemies or just Tubbies) are the main threats of the entire Slendytubbies saga. They all have unique animations, idle sounds, chase sounds, and vastly different speeds.


Some of the monsters huddled into a group.

Slendytubbies II is the first opus of the saga to give more than one enemies.


There is 2 different behaviors encountered in the game.

  • Searchers : They wander around maps and search for custards to stand at and wait until the player approaches them (the majority).
  • Tracker : Directly chases the player instead of searching for custards (Classic Tinky Winky).

Their starting locations are generally at the opposite side of the player's starting location.


Image Name Place Description
Tinkytank Tinky Winky Teletubby Land Tinky Winky is considered the main threat of both games as he was the only enemy in the first opus. On his usual state, he has a pale face with soulless eyes and a wide open mouth. In the second opus, he is huge, rather muscular which is the stronger muscular is been recovered by the teletubbies for the last words of them in the first early of the teletubbies land for the last Remains, and surprisingly fast for his size. He is silent when idle. He also has a Cubic form.
New Born New Borns Secret Lair There are two of them. They make soft sobbing noises when near to the player and will emit a high-pitched screech when they spot the player. They are relatively fast. One of them also appears in the maze.
Dipsy3 Dipsy Teletubby Lake He is very tall and has long skinny limbs. His mouth is lined with sharp teeth and his eyes glow red in the distance. He is unique from the other enemies, in a way that he has a higher vision, and he emits a scream like Laa Laa's when he spots the player. He also appears in the maze, where he has the same behavior than the others.
Laa Laa Laa Laa Teletubby Outskirts Laa Laa, like Dipsy, has had her arms extended and is very thin, but her face is still the same as when she was dead. She is very twitchy, as her body shakes in a very violent way when she isn't attacking. She is very fast, like Po. She also appears in the maze.
Po3 Po Satellite Station Po's appearance consists of two arm like appendages growing out of her back, that have blades sticking out of the ends, a skull-like face, and two smaller arms on her abdomen. She makes audible clicking noises when in a general radius of a player and will emit a loud screech when she spots the player. She is very fast, like Laa Laa, and also appears in the maze.
Headless Tubby Dipsy Chainsaw Secret Center He is one of Dipsy's mutations. He carries a chainsaw and makes very loud chainsaw noises when near and chasing a player. He is fairly easy to avoid him if the player carefully listens to his chainsaw noises. However, he kills a player just by touching him.


  • If the player is near to an enemy who is standing at a custard, the enemy will stay at the custard until the player is far away.
  • It is almost impossible to beat the lake without being spotted by Dipsy.

Slendytubbies 2D

Some of the enemies.

The Enemies are back in Slendytubbies 2D. New characters are included.


There is 2 different behaviors encountered in the game.

  • Trackers : They directly chase the player and move quicker if they are close (the majority).
  • Stalkers : They invisibly stalk the player in the darkness and stay still in the light.

Their starting locations are generally at the opposite side of the player's starting location.



Sprite Name Place Description
Claw Tubbie Sprite 1 Claw Tubbie Teletubby Cave Chases the player from a slightly greater distance, and faster than the others. Also appears in the maze. He makes an heavy breathing.
New Born Sprite 1 New Borns Secret Lair Are two, which complicates things. Also appears in the maze (One in a normal part, Two in the Versus Mode). They makes sobs.
Mountains Tubbie Sprite 1 Yeti Tubbie Teletubby Mountains Chases the player from a slightly greater distance, and harder to escape. He fakes his voice.
Crawler Sprite 1 Crawler Tubbie Reject Facility Chases the player with a medium speed. Also appears in the maze. He makes crawling noises.
Po Sprite 1 Po Satellite Station Chases the player with a medium speed. Also appears in the maze. She makes clicking noises.


Sprite Name Place Description
Tinky Winky Sprite 1 Tinky Winky Teletubby Land Follows discretly, and chases if too close. He screams as usual and he will attack you of the first act in the teletubble land and one way if you Going to much your are Dead.
Shadow Tubby Sprite Shadow Tubbie Laa Laa's Dream Follows discretly, and chases if too close. Can hide in the dark. Dramatic music plays when it chases.
Ghost Girl Sprite 1 Ghost
Possessed School Follows discretly, and chases if too close. Can pass the walls. Dramatic music plays when she chases.


  • When there is one last custard, the trackers start running constantly.
  • In the maze, the enemies are as fast as the player.

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SSTV Signal.

The Enemies are back in Slendytubbies III. They appear in many ways.

  • Collecting & Versus : They are the usual threats of the saga.
  • Survival : They are vulnerable enemies who have to be killed with weapons.
  • Infection : They are players who have to kill other players.


  • Collecting: All of the enemies have the same behavior; They patrol around the map and stay near each custard for a little while. They will chase the player after spotting it, but will lose interest if it gets far away.
  • Survival: Each enemy has their own way of act towards the player.



Image Name Place
Tinky Winky S3 Tinky Winky Main Land (Day)
TinkyTank S3-0 Tinky Tank Main Land (Night)
Dipsy Chainsaw S3 Dipsy Chainsaw Custard Facility (Night)
Dipsy S3 Dipsy Teletubby Lake
Laa Laa S3 Laa-Laa Outskirts (Night)
Po4 Po Satellite Station
Spider Po Spider Po Outskirts (Day)
New Born S3 New Borns (Duo) Secret Lair - Fortress (Day)
Claw Tubbie Claw Tubbie Teletubby Cave
Yeti Tubbie Yeti Tubbie Teletubby Mountains
Arrow Tubbie Arrow Tubbie Training Maze
Evil Guardian Evil Guardian Custard Facility (Day)
Crawler Tubbie Crawler Tubbie Reject Facility
Shadow Tubbie S3 Shadow Tubbie Laa-Laa's Dream
Ghost Girl S3 Ghost Girl Possessed School
The Mecha Announcer The Announcer Military Base
Brutes S3 Brute Tubbies Cabin
Scythe Tubbie Scythe Tubbie Military Outpost


Generic Enemies

Image Name Wave
New Borns Generic New Borns 1
New Borns Runner New Borns 2
Robotic Spider Crawler Droïds 3
Cyborg New Born Ranged New Borns 4
Survival Enemies Phantom New Borns 6
Survival Enemies Security Droïds 7
Spiked New Born Berserker New Borns 8


Image Name Wave
Scorpion New Born Scorpion New Born 4
Mini-Announcer Mini-Announcer 6
Bull Tubbie Bull Tubbie 8