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I'm not crazy !
— Seen on a class board.

Ghost Girl
Enemy 4 Sprite
Character Information
Gender Female
Species Ghostly Human
Color Black and White
Attack Contact

Ghost Girl (also known as School Girl) is a minor antagonist in Slendytubbies 2D.


She's a little girl with black hairs, wearing a black dress. She has a pale skin, with a distorted mouth and white pupils.


She is the threat of the Possessed School.

She stalks the player and stop moving when the player look at her. She's only going to chase the player if it approaches her too much, and will stop if the player goes enoughly away. She is able to disappear for awhile if the player plays with the light while looking at her.


When she chases the player.
NPC Chase


  • She acts in the same way as Shadow Tubbie and Tinky Winky.
  • She's the only enemy to not be a teletubbie.
    • She's the only character of the entire saga to not be a teletubbie.
    • Rick Astley is also a human, but he is an Easter Egg.
  • It's unknown why is she here, and what is her story.
    • However, she seems to have become crazy.
  • She's the only monster along with Shadow Tubbie to share a chasing sound with another monster, in this case, the same aforementioned Shadow Tubbie.
  • She will be back in Slendytubbies III in Multiplayer.
    • She seems to look a bit different.

Slendytubbies IIIEdit

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