For the original counterpart of Laa-Laa's monster form, see Laa-Laa.

Wink Emoticon Laa-Laa Wink Emoticon
Laa Laa
Character Information
Gender Female
Species Infected Teletubbie
Color Dark Yellow
Antenna Curl
Status Alive
Attack Claws

Laa-Laa is back in Slendytubbies II as one of the tertiary antagonists. She became an infected, and has been resurrected in an unclear way.


Her body is mangled and flesh is exposed. Her arms and legs are extented, and her head looks like the same as when she was dead. She seems to have spasms, since this is probably due to the pain.


She is the threat of the Teletubby Outskirts:

She is wandering around the map and places herself near every custards. She spotts the player from a specific distance and start chasing it if it approaches her too much. She is quite fast and attacks with her claws.

She also appears in the Training Maze.


Her scream

Laa Laa Scream

What could possibly be her moans

Voice 01
Voice 02
Voice 03
Voice 04
Voice 05
Voice 06
Voice 07


  • Her scream is a slower version of Po's scream.
    • Dipsy as well has this scream.
    • Her walking and attacking animations are very similar with Po's
  • She is able to get stuck on the ruins
  • She is probably the one making the moans heard while wandering in the outskirts.
  • She will be back in Slendytubbies III.
    • As shown in the Official Trailer, Tinky Winky scratched her eyes out, meaning she's blind.

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