I had a bad dream last night, it was about us and bad things happened... but I can't remember what.
For her infected state, see Laa-Laa (enemy)

Laa-Laa is a major characters of the Slendytubbies series and one of its primary antagonists when infected. Her corpse appears in Slendytubbies.

She is one of the victims of Tinky Winky.


Laa-Laa is similar to her appearance from the Original TV Series;

She is an humanoid covered in yellow fur with a curly antenna on the top of her head. Her face and the inside of her large ears have a normal skin color.

In the game, her eyes have been scratched out and her body is bloody.


Her body is lying on the beach, at the foot of the only tree of the area.

She will suddenly jumpscare the player if it approaches her, before collapsing and not getting up again. She was probably between life and death for this aforementioned reason.

During the entire game, her face have chances to appears as a pop-up.


  • She is the only one of the victims to have a minor role in the game; jumpscaring the player.

Laa-Laa makes an apperance in Slendytubbies II.

She especially come back as a threat.


She has the same appearance from the first opus :

She is covered in blood, and her eyes are scratched out.


She is always on the beach, of Teletubby Land, but unlike the previous opus, she doesn't suddenly get up when the player approaches her, meaning that she's dead.

She is also more closer to the water.

She also appears on the Classic Map, and TubbyCraft in a cubic form.


  • Her corpse is seen on the Title Screen, along with Dipsy's one.
    • This is a contrast with Po's corpse, which was the only one seen on the Title Screen of the first opus.

Laa-Laa makes an apperance in Slendytubbies 2D.


She has the same appearance:

Covered in blood, with scratched-out eyes and a strange smile.


She is always lying on the beach, of Teletubby Land, and like the previous opuses, she is only here for aesthetic purposes.

Laa-Laa is back in Slendytubbies III.


She has the same appearance from the first and second opus, but her face is different in many ways.


Chapter 0

Laa-Laa is first seen outside of the house, waiting for Po to return. She says that she had a bad dream, and Po tells her to forget about it. Po makes her and her friends Tubby Custards. 10 Hours Later, after Tinky Winky breaks the Custard Machine and leaves the house, Po has the choice to wake her and Dipsy up or go alone.

If Po wakes Laa-Laa and Dipsy up and tells them that Tinky Winky broke the custard machine and left, Laa-Laa tells Po to grab the Worker's Torch. Then, they both reach two paths, Laa-Laa tells Po that she'll look for Tinky Winky at the beach. Later, her corpse is seen lying on the beach, with Tinky Winky facing the opposite direction of Po. She has been murdered.

If Po doesn't wakes her and Dipsy, she go look out for Tinky Winky alone. After Po have found him, and while escaping him, she returns at the house and found out Dipsy's corpse, but no sign of Laa-Laa.

Chapter 2

Laa-Laa, normal and alive, is seen during Chapter 2 - The Journey at the Teletubby Outskirts. It only happens if Po didn't woke her during Chapter 0.

The Guardian find her near the entrance, and is somewhat intrigued by her presence. A discussion then occurs between the two characters. It is then revealed that she escaped Tinky Winky when he returned at the house, and traveled through the Teletubby Cave while avoiding a Brown Teletubbie. However, she ate an infected custard.

After have collected the eight custards with her company, Laa-Laa begins to weaken due to her sufferings. The player has then two choices:

  • Putting her out of her misery by smashing a rock on her head, killing her.
  • Leaving her, which will makes her becoming an infected.

Chapter 3

She appears as an hallucination during Chapter 3 - Run Away, when the Guardian is looking for a key-card in the labyrinthine zone of Satellite Station.


Her corpse appears in the Classic Version of Teletubby Land.



The Silent Path


  • Out of the four main teletubbies, Laa-Laa is the only one who's status is determinant.
  • She is one of the four main teletubbies to not be infected.
  • Putting her out of her misery still makes her becoming an infected. This choice probably meant to end her suffering, but not her infection.
  • Her name is referring to the fact she likes to sing.


Slendytubbies II

Slendytubbies: Anniversary Edition

Slendytubbies III