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Caused what? It's just a vacuum.
— Sergeant Miles

The Military is a group of teletubbies that appears in Slendytubbies III, in Campaign.


The Military is composed of teletubbies, mostly viridian in color, wearing equipments, such as helmets and various weapons. They have an Helicopter, and are located at the Military Base.

They are not numerous in number, unless it's only a group of volunteers sent by the Military Base.

Notable Members

  • Sgt. Miles : Possibly the leader of the group, he is the one who talks with The Guardian at their arrival. He is shown to be somewhat pretty strict to know what is the reason behind the distress call and don't understand, or believe, what the Guardian says to him, until he sees the Reborn Army. He looks like some of the other soldiers.
  • Anne : One of the soldiers who can be seen among two others. She has a pink skin, wears a soldier hat and is most likely a female teletubbie due to her name.
  • Neo-Samurai : One of the soldiers who can be seen among two others. It has a silvery skin, wears an helmet with red eyes and a spike on its forehead, and have a sword (or katana) on its back.
  • Black Soldier : One of the soldiers who can be seen among two others. It has a black skin and wears an helmet.
  • Helicopter Pilot : The soldier visible inside the helicopter in Survival Mode after it lands when you complete a Wave (Only in maps which the supplies are granted by a helicopter instead of an orange box).

Good Ending

After you destroy Noo Noo and kill Po, The Military Heli-Copter will appear and you will be greeted by Sergeant Miles (SGT. Miles). After, one of the soldiers will lead the The Guardian and SGT. Miles to a cliff side where you see the army of New Borns. This is the only ending that the Military will succeed in fending off the New Borns.

Bad Ending

In the Bad Ending, the Military will arrive and find the The Guardian's dead corpse. Noo Noo and Po have already escaped. This time, the New Borns will come from a castle on the hill. In this ending, The Military doesn't succeed because they didn't have the help of The Guardian. 

The End (Evil)/Regretful Ending

If you decide to join Noo Noo, You will enter the Custard Facility. When you talk to Noo Noo, he will say "The newborns are taking over the land as we speak, riding the world of all living things" This makes it seem like the Military are getting overran by the New Borns.


  • No other side characters have held a weapon.
  • Only Members of the Military have had helmets in the entire series. (Your avatar in Slendytubbies III Multiplayer is the only exception)
  • The Pilot soldier uses the old tubbie model instead of the new one.
    • It's head is squished to make it fit inside the helmet.
  • The name of the Pink Soldier was revealed as 'Anne' in a video by Santikun titled 'Slendytubbies Chapter IV: They're Climbing'