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The content of this page is not canon, and therefore, should not be interpreted as part of the lore.

Military Outpost

Military Outpost
First Appearance Slendytubbies III
Threat(s) Scythe Tubbie
Size Medium
Time Dusk

The Military Outpost is one of the many maps available in the Slendytubbies III Multiplayer.

It was originally added in the v1.25 update, to be removed temporarily in v1.26 and readded with several fixed issues in v1.27.

The map is not canon and was designed and created by a user named LeyAM.


The Military Outpost is composed of a large outpost with two layers of wall encompassing it, in the middle of a desert-like area next to what appears to be a dried up pond.

In the outpost itself, there are two major buildings that the player can enter, along with two tall watch towers that cannot be entered, several tents with various items in it including a medical tent in the middle containing stretchers, several box containers, anti-aircraft turrets, tanks, military jeeps, large rocks, barrels, and supply crates. There is a tall radio tower near the medical tent, several fences throughout the area, small towers, some of which have been toppled, and other various props. In one corner is what appears to be a couple of helicopter pads, with one holding a helicopter identical to the one that appears in Survival in large outdoor maps.

Outside the outpost, there are docks and beached boats near one edge of the map. A few more tents, some small towers, and box containers can be found here. Next to the entrance of the outpost on this side is what appears to be a training area, with shooting ranges and teletubby dummies, along with some barbed wire. There is another tent nearby.

On the other side of the outpost are some more anti-aircraft guns, along with a tank, another knocked over jeep, and a crashed helicopter.

Throughout the map, dead trees can be found sparsely spread around the map.


Like other maps, any of the four gamemodes can be played here. In Collect and Versus, players must collect all of the Tubby Custards before running out of time while avoiding being killed by the Scythe Tubbie. In Collect, the Scythe Tubbie will be controlled by the computer, patrolling near custards and chasing the player whenever spotting them. In Versus, the Scythe Tubbie will be controlled by a player, specifically the current master of the game, who will have to attack and kill players to prevent them from collecting custards. When all custards are collected, the game ends.

In Survival, players must survive nine waves of various enemies and three minibosses by using a variety of weapons before fighting Scythe Tubbie in the tenth wave as the boss. Once Scythe Tubbie is killed or when all players are dead, the game ends.

In Infection, players must survive against other players playing as the infected until time runs out, with each dead player joining the infected team. The game ends and restarts when all players are infected or when time runs out.



The ambiance for the map.


  • This map is one of two added for certain members of the community, the other being Cabin.
  • The map was originally going to be called the Military Base, but this was changed to implement the map that currently uses this name.
  • The desert-like style of the location may imply a connection to the Outskirts due to the similar appearance.
  • This map is the only one to have been removed, as well as being reimplemented.
  • There are 2 easter eggs in this map. One is a sprite of LeyAM's teletubby persona, hidden in a red box container behind some barrels in the beach-side exit of the outpost. The other is a pair of sprites, of both Sean Toman and Santikun, hidden in one of the end box containers in the container maze outside the outpost on the beach-side.

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