Silly Emoticon New Borns Silly Emoticon
New Born
Character Information
Species Teletubbies
Color Chestnut
Antenna None
Status Alives
Attack Arms

The New Borns (also known as Skintubbies) are ones of the main characters of the Slendytubbies saga, and the secondary antagonists in Slendytubbies II.

Physical ApperanceEdit

They have a chestnut-colored fur, soulless eyes and a face with some kind of veins. They lack an antenna.


They are the threats of the Secret Lair:

One starts in the room with the two machines, and the second starts in the storage area. They are wandering around the map and places themselves near every custards. They spotts the player from a specific distance and start chasing it if it approaches them too much. They are fairly fast and attacks with their arms. Their sobs can be heard when they are nearby.


Their sobs.
Skintubbie Cry


  • Sean Toman (creator) started working on the sequel and decided that he should add more enemies than Tinky Winky himself. He said he would like to see new encounters. Originally, the New Borns were going to have the same animation as the player when walking. This got removed and Sean made a new sprite animation to them. This may have gotten removed due to not making the New Borns seem undead enough.
  • They are theorized to be clones of White Tubbie, or at least, theorized to have a connection with him.
  • Their scream is the same as Tinky Winky's one, but more acute.
  • Their origins are unknown : It's possible that they were created by Tinky Winky, using the machines they spawn at.
    • However, it's possible that they were simply born in the Secret Lair.
  • They're often mistaken as armless, this is probably because of the fact they have the arms hidden inside the model.
    • This is probably a mistake commited in the modelling of these characters.
  • They're the first and the only characters so far which appearance in Slendytubbies 3 is revealed.
    • It's actually only one of the two.
  • It's possible that there's a male and a female, but this can be disproved by the fact they are identical.
  • The Promo #1 of Chapter 3 implies that there could be a big amount of New Borns.
    • The two that we know could be still distinguishable from the others.
  • The Promo #2 of Chapter 3 seems to show the existence of many blue teletubbies who looks a lot the New Borns.

Silly Emoticon New Borns Silly Emoticon
New Born Sprite
Character Information
Species Teletubbies
Color Chestnut
Attack Contact

The New Borns are back in Slendytubbies 2D as ones of the different enemies.


Like the second opus, they are chestnut and lack an antenna.


They are always the threats of the Secret Lair:

They constantly chases the player and starts running when it approaches them too much, while screaming. They start to walk again when the player goes enoughly away.


Their scream.
Newborns scream2
Their sobs.
Skintubbie Cry


  • They have the same apparitions and same sounds as in Slendytubbies II. However, the scream is higher pitched.
    • This is also true for Po.

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