For Po's monster counterpart, see Po (enemy).

Time to find Tinky Winky.!
— Po, ready to find her friend.

Po is one of the main characters in the Slendytubbies franchise.


Po is identical to her original appearance; Red fur and having an circle antenna on the top of her head. In her situation, she is lifeless, hanged, with her face leaking blood and her screen shattered. Her eyes are closed.


She is hanging from the large tree, which is not far from the House.

She doesn't have any role in the game's mechanics, except the fact she appears in two of the Popups; One showing her hanging, and one showing her with Laa Laa near to the House.


  • She is seen on the menu screen.
  • She was hung to death by Tinky Winky, as seen in Slendytubbies III.
  • She is the only playable character in the demo of Slendytubbies III.
  • As seen in the unlisted movie by Santikun, Po is revealed to have hanged herself. This was changed in Slendytubbies 3, as Tinky Winky did this instead.
    • Mistakingly, Po is referred to as a he.

Po makes an appearance in Slendytubbies II.


She has the same appearance as the first opus:

Hanging on a tree, but the blood on her face seems to be more transparent, probably due to the rain.


Nothing changed. She is always hanging at the same large tree.

Her corpse also appears on the Classic Map, and at TubbyCraft in a cubic form.


  • One of the Popups show her hanging, with the other teletubbies.

Po makes an appearance in Slendytubbies 2D.


She has the same appearance as the first opus : Hanging on a tree, with her eyes closed and with a strange smile.


Nothing changed : She is always hanging from the same large tree.


  • In the texture, there is Po and the tree.
  • She is the only victim to also appears on its monster counterpart.

Po is back in Slendytubbies III.


She has the same appearance from the first and second opus, but her face is different in many ways.


Chapter 0

Po is the playable character of Chapter 0 - It was Good.

She is first seen at the beach looking at the lake and then starts to talk with Noo Noo when he shows up. She then returns at the house where she can interact with her friends, being nice or rude, depending on the player's choices. She then makes Tubby Custards to her friends. 10 Hours Later, she witnesses Tinky Winky breaking the Custard Machine and leaving the house, having the choice to wake Laa-Laa and Dipsy or going outside alone.

By looking for Tinky Winky, she'll find a custard lying on the ground and will then go at the beach where she find Tinky Winky (and Laa-Laa's corpse, if Po woke her). Realizing that something is wrong with him, she run away and returns at the house just to find out that Dipsy has been murdered. She then tries to escape Tinky Winky but finds himself at the foot of a tree, and since that time there's no sign of her.

Chapter 1

After the massacre, The Guardian leave his secret lair and is looking for custards that are located around Teletubby Land. By looking for the custards, The Guardian will go at the last known location of Po, finding her corpse hanging at the tree. She has been murdered.

Chapter 3

She appears as an hallucination during Chapter 3 - Run Away, when The Guardian is looking for a key-card in the maze-like zone of the Satellite Station.


Her corpse appears in every versions of Teletubby Land.



Death Reveal
Po Dead Theme


  • Out of the four main teletubbies, she is the only playable one.
    • This also makes her being the second playable character, after The Guardian.


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