Possessed School
Possessed School
Place Information
First Appearance Slendytubbies 2D
Enemy(ies) Ghost Girl
Type Small
Revelation Beginning

The Possessed School is a map in Slendytubbies 2D. It's a small map.


It's a haunted school who has corridors with a brown pattern, classrooms and bedrooms. Some areas are splattered with blood.

The enemy who inhabits this place is a Ghost Girl.


The ambience is composed of choirs, strange noises and a violin.

Possessed School


  • It's unknown why there is a abandoned school around the others maps.
  • The room where the Ghost Girl starts has a box with the words "Don't Open".
  • In the beginning of the map, after the stairs, there is the words "Behind You" on the wall.
    • These words indicate how the Ghost Girl acts.
  • The School is the third smallest map of the saga, after the Secret Lair and Satellite Station (Slendytubbies II).
  • The starting location of the player is protected by red lasers, which blocks the monster from entering spawnpoint, but they are useless here.

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