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The content of this page is not canon, and therefore, should not be interpreted as part of the lore.

Scythe Tubbie is a non-canon, threat that appears in Slendytubbies III, in Multiplayer.

He was added in Update v1.25 along with his map, and later removed in Patch v1.26 for maintenance, then added again in the next update with a scream.

He is an OC of the user LeyAM.


He is a slightly muscular teletubbie with blue fur and a scythe-shaped antenna. He lacks almost his entire left upper arm, showing his bones, and lacks the right forearm, which his bones grew to be two long spikes. He has a photo-negative looking face, black in color with sharp teeth and white eyes.


He is the threat of the Military Outpost.

He patrols around the map and stays near each custard for a little while. He will chase the player after spotting him, but will lose interest if it gets too far away.

He is also the final boss of the Survival Mode and the playable character of "Versus Mode".



His scream


Boss Battle (Survival)
Fight for Quiescence


  • He is one of the OCs that have been added in the game, the others being The Brute Tubbies.
  • He has been infected by a special custard, responsible of his spike features.
  • He was once a Blue Worker.
  • His face is reminiscent of Tinky Tank's.
  • He used to have the same chase track as Shadow Tubbie, but as in Update v1.27, he now has his own scream.
  • The original source of his battle theme is from The Nothing Battles.
  • His nickname "Scythe Tubbie" is referring to his antenna.

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