Shadow Tubbie is a minor antagonist in Slendytubbies 2D.


It is a black teletubbie, with an antenna that looks like a bracket. The only facial features it has is a wide, bloody, toothy grin. It is also bigger than the rest of the teletubbies.


It is the threat of Laa-Laa's Dream.

It stalks the player and stop moving when the player look at it. It is only going to chase the player if it approaches it too much, and will stop if the player goes enoughly away. It is able to disappear for awhile if the player plays with the light while looking at it.


When it chases the player.
NPC Chase


  • It acts in the same way as Tinky Winky and Ghost Girl.
  • It is said that this was the monster that chased Laa-Laa in the nightmare she talked about in Slendytubbies III.
  • Since it is completely black, only its grin and its TV are visible in the dark.
  • It's the only monster along with Ghost Girl that shares its chasing sound with another monster, in this case, the same aforementioned Ghost Girl.

Shadow Tubbie reappears in Slendytubbies III as one of the different threats, in Multiplayer.


It has the same appearance from the previous opus;

A big, completely black teletubbie with a bloody grin as facial feature. However, its body has a slightly different shape.


It is always the threat of Laa-Laa's Dream.

It patrols around the map and stay near each custards for a little while. It will chase the player after spotting it, and is particularly dangerous because of its quick attack, but will lose interest if it gets too far away.

It is also the final boss of the Survival Mode and the playable character of the "Versus Mode".


When it chases the player.
NPC Chase
Boss Battle
Runaway - Instrumental


  • It doesn't share anymore a chase track with Ghost Girl.
    • This makes this track being its own chase sound.
    • However, Evil Guardian use this track as well.
  • It is the only character of the entire saga to be completely mute.
  • It and the Brute Tubbies are the only harmful teletubbies to not be infected.
  • Its nickname "Shadow Tubbie" is referring to it being a shadowy entity without physical details.
  • It may be indirectly mentioned by Laa-Laa during Chapter 0, making it canon in some ways, even through it doesn't have any role in the story.

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