Chapter 3 Promo Speaker
Character Information
Species Speakers
Color Grey & Orange

The Speakers are minor characters/elements that appears in the Slendytubbies saga.

Their primal role is to guide the Teletubbies, by giving them orders.

In GameEdit

The Speakers only appears in Teletubby Land in both games as esthetic purposes.


Two Speakers are located near the house. One is inactive, while the other is broken, releasing smoke. A third one is located in the mountains behind the player's starting location, as a Easter Egg where it plays a cover of the song "What's Up".

Slendytubbies IIEdit

One of the Speaker is still seen in Teletubby Land, while the other seems to be engulfed by the swamp water. However, they both appears in the Classic map, just like in the first game.

Slendytubbies IIIEdit

A Speaker appears in the very beginning of Slendytubbies III where it says the traditionnal One day, in Teletubby Land.

Trailers / Promos Edit

One Speaker also appears in the Promo #2 of Chapter 3

After looking closely to the Official Trailer, there's seems to be Speakers with a mechanical skeletal body, in Teletubby Mountains and the Multiplayer Mode, meaning that they could be potential enemies.

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