Some of the tubbies huddled into a group.

Teletubbies (or Tubbies) is a species of multi-coloured creatures, recognised for the uniquely-shaped antenna from the head of each character, and the screen implanted in their abdomens.

They are the main characters of the original TV series and the Slendytubbies saga.

In the story, Teletubbies have been created by a machine lying in the underground. Four of them are experimented by a member of their own species, for unknown reasons, and others have been experimented by mysterious characters known as Coat Men. Others, that are actually groups of identical teletubbies, are out of the experiments but still seems to be connected with the aforementioned Coat Men.


Teletubbies are coloured creatures with common traits between them; they all have big ears, oven mitt-shaped hands, antenna on their heads and a screen on their abdomen.

Each characters have their own fur color/shade and antenna shape, which allows to distinguish them.


Four of the characters are from the original TV series since all of the others are specifics to the Slendytubbies series.


Image Name Description
Tinky Winky Tinky Winky Tinky Winky is the largest and oldest of the main teletubbies. He has purple fur and a reversal triangle antenna. He is depicted to be a gentle and affectionate teletubbie, somewhat considered as feminine. His favorite item is a red handbag and he often hangs out with Po, who describes him as her best friend. In Slendytubbies, Tinky Winky is the first one of the four to be infected and he massacred all of his friends.
Dipsy Dipsy Dipsy is the second largest and oldest of the main teletubbies. He has green fur and a antenna that refers to a dipstick. He has a darker face than the others, implying that he is somehow Black. He is depicted to be quite stubborn and sarcastic, but mature. His favorite item is a cow-skinned hat, that is recently carried by White Tubbie. In Slendytubbies, Dipsy has been decapitated in the house when he was half-asleep, but just like the others victims, he has been reborn. However, he went through two infected forms.
Laa Laa2 Laa-Laa Laa-Laa is the second smallest and youngest of the main teletubbies. She has yellow fur and a curl-shaped antenna. She is shown to be a girly and sensitive girl, kind to the others. Her favorite item is a giant orange ball, and she often hangs out with Dipsy. In Slendytubbies, Laa-Laa has been attacked on the beach, where she died with her suffer, but just like the others victims, she has been reborn. She also can be a survivor for a little while.
Po Po Po is the smallest, youngest and cutest of the main teletubbies. She has red fur and a circle-shaped antenna. She has a lighter face than the others. She is shown to be a shy girl, sometimes silly, and rather tomboyish. Her favorite item is a pink scooter, and she often hangs out with Tinky Winky. In Slendytubbies, Po has been hanged at a tree after trying to escape from Tinky Winky, and just like the others victims, she has been reborn.
New Born New Borns Not much is known about the New Borns, except that they seems to be twins. They have light brown fur and no antenna. It's possible that one of them is male while the other one is female, but it's not confirmed. They are actually in a large number, massively born from the Teletubby Creation Machine with the virus already in their body.
White Tubby The Guardian The Guardian is the protagonist of the Slendytubbies saga, and the first new character. He has white/colorless fur, no antenna and wears what seems to be Dipsy's hat. He also don't has a name, being a representation of "you", the player. He has the role to watch the four teletubbies, in case any of them tried to escape the land.


Image Name Description
Claw Tubbie Claw Tubbie Claw Tubbie is a big teletubbie who wanders in the Cave. He has brown fur and a cruciform antenna. He was an experimented teletubbie, among two others, who were his best friends; Yeti Tubbie and Orange Tubbie.
Yeti Tubbie Yeti Tubbie Yeti Tubbie is a very big teletubbie who has cyan fur and no antenna, but spiky hairs instead. He's the only teletubbie to be haired and dressed. He was an experimented teletubbie, among two others, who were his best friends; Claw Tubbie and Orange Tubbie. He is now in the Mountains, have a server known as Unit 437 and fakes his voice to lure prey.
Arrow Tubbie Arrow Tubbie Arrow Tubbie is a tall and skinny teletubbie who has orange fur and an arrow-shaped antenna. He was an experimented teletubbie, among two others, who were his best friends; Claw Tubbie and Yeti Tubbie. He is probably the one who wrote the notes that can be found in the Cave.
Shadow Tubbie S3 Shadow Tubbie Shadow Tubbie is an huge and intimidating ghostly teletubbie. It has black fur and a horizontal-parenthesis shaped antenna. It is said that this was the creature who chased Laa-Laa in her nightmare. Nothing else is known about this character.
Ron Ron Ron was an engineer at the Satellite Station among four others blue teletubbies. He was the sole survivor of the massacre that occurred in the station, but he has been killed as well, after he met the guardian.


Image Name Description
Final Promo Blue Workers The Blue Workers are blue colored teletubbies who were working at the Satellite Station before being killed by Dipsy. Ron is one of them. Nothing else is known about them.
Ending1 Military The Military is a group of various colored, but mostly viridian, teletubbies who are called for help by The Guardian. Their leader seems to be the one named Sergeant Miles. Nothing else is known about them.


Image Name Description
Brutes S3 Brute Tubbies Brute Tubbies are twisted teletubbies and threats of Cabin. They have beige fur, crumpled (or moon-shaped) antennas, and they carry cleavers . They are OCs of Ruption Shine.
Scythe Tubbie Scythe Tubbie Scythe Tubbie is a blue teletubbie with a scythe-shaped antenna, who gets infected by a special custard. He is an OC of LeyAM.

Common Grammar Mistakes

  • Teletubby / Tubby : To a belonging

Teletubby Land; Tubby Custard

  • Teletubbie / Tubbie : To a character

Tinky Winky is a purple teletubbie.


  • Even if they are living creatures, it is unknown why they have a screen on their abdomen area, but it could be something natural in their species.
    • The New Borns don't have fur and don't have screen as well. This means that the screen is probably just a shape that is part of the skin.
  • The costumes weared by the actors in the original TV series are pretty big, making the teletubbies being huge creatures. However, it is not sure if the costumes size is supposed to represent their real size.
  • Tiddlytubbies, who are baby teletubbies, don't appear in the Slendytubbies saga.
  • In the Slendytubbies saga, Teletubbies are not fictional, but real.