Teletubby Lake
Teletubby Lake
Place Information
First Appearance Slendytubbies II
Enemy(ies) Dipsy
Type Scariest / Night
Revelation Update 1

Teletubby Lake is a map in Slendytubbies II, who appears with the Update 1.


It's a lake surrounded by mountains, connected to the sea. In the middle is located an area with destroyed bridges and walls. A large radio antenna is located on the sides, and Laa Laa's ball rolls on the ground.

Dipsy is the monster who inhabits this place.


The ambience is actually Dipsy who is talking.

Dipsy Background


  • It's the only map who features the fetish object of a teletubby (Laa Laa's Ball).
  • The Lake is, along with Teletubby Land, connected to the sea, and takes place during a storm.

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