Time for Tubby bye bye!
— It's voice in Chapter 3 - Promo #2

The Announcer is a robot and a special threat, in both Campaign and Multiplayer.


The Announcer is a massive robot with a voice trumpet as a head and a big, mechanical body.


Chapter 3

The Announcer only appears as a Boss in the Secret Center, near the end of Chapter 3 - Run Away.

It is at first shown as a regular Voice Trumpet until it emerges from the ground, sent by Noo Noo to kill The Guardian. It is then destroyed by the latter and is not seen again, presumably "dead".


It is the threat of Military Base.

It patrols around the map and stay near each custards for a little while. It will chase the player after spotting him, but will lose interest if it gets too far away.

It is also the final boss of the Survival Mode. However, it isn't the playable character of the "Versus Mode", being replaced by the Mini-Announcer.


When it spots the player

The announcer noise


06 Omega (Instrumental)


  • It is the only non-playable "map threat".
    • It's because of its huge size.
  • It and Ghost Girl are the only "map threats" to not be Teletubbies.
  • It is the only threat to emits a repeating sound while chasing the player.
  • According to its name and the presence of only one Voice Trumpet in Teletubby Land, it is possible that The Announcer is in fact the Voice Trumpet that gives orders to Teletubbies.
  • The Announcer (and possibly its smaller relative) may have been a guardian of Military Base, before Noo Noo started to controls everything.

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