TubbyCraft is a map in Slendytubbies II. It first come with Update 4. It's a Minecraft Version of the original Slendytubbies map.


The map is Teletubby Land but made in a way to resemble Minecraft, only the players are not cubes. It is set during the day.


The ambience of the map is that of Teletubby Land.

Trivia Edit

  • There appears to be multiple textured structures that are outside of the map, such as trees, houses, and even an unused version of the Tubby house. These can be seen by walking up the mountain's blocks and zooming in the with the camera.

Bugs Edit

  • If one is to zoom in on the village and strutures outside the map via their camera, it's possible to see that some of the structures are textured. It is also possible to access a "scrapped" version of the Teletubbies' home via climbing the mountains near the cave and falling through a mountain with no collision detection. The house itself looks to be a direct representation of the Teletubbies' home.
  • The coal blocks in this map (dark gray, blurry blocks) have no collision detection so it is possible to go through them and go inside the mountains. One of the most commonly-exploited spots would be the line of coal blocks above the cave.

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