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You're my bestest friend !
— One of his quotes.

Yeti Tubbie (a.k.a Mountain Tubbie in the game files) is a minor antagonist in Slendytubbies 2D.


He's a massive cyan teletubbie with a pale face and spiky hairs. He wears shoulder pads and gloves. He has teeth at the sides of his mouth, and blood on his left hand.


He's the threat of the Teletubby Mountains.

He constantly chases the player and starts running when it approaches him too much, while screaming. He start to walk again when the player goes enoughly away. He starts running from a greater distance, retires less easily, and walks slightly faster than the player.


You're my bestest friend ! - I love you - (laughs) - I'm here - Where are you? - Hello
Mountain Idle

His scream

Mountain Scream


  • He is the most tenacious enemy of the game.
  • He is the only tracker who doesn't appear in the Training Maze.
  • Despite his appearance, he has a soft, innocent voice.
    • He actually fakes his voice to lure prey, which can be proved with the quite scary scream it has.
  • He is the only teletubbie to have hairs.
    • He is one of the teletubbies to lack an antenna, with The Guardian, the New Borns and the Blue Workers.
    • Unlike them, he is not "bald".
  • The blood on his left hand could be explained by the fact that he punched The Guardian hard enough to cause him to bleed, in Slendytubbies III.
  • He, Tinky Tank, and Lake Dipsy are the only infected teletubbies who were shown be able to speak.

Yeti Tubbie reappears in Slendytubbies III as one of the different threats, in both Campaign and Multiplayer.

He was an experiment subject, along Claw Tubbie and Arrow Tubbie


He has the same appearance from the previous opus;

A massive cyan teletubbie with a pale face, spiky hairs and sharp teeth inside his mouth. He wears shoulder pads and gloves, but his left hand is not bloody.


He is one of the two possible threats of Chapter 2 - The Journey, if the player choose the Mountains.

He will introduce himself in a surprise attack, where he lures The Guardian with his fake voice and charge him, knocking him out and taking him in his presumed house. He has a servant known as Unit 437, which has to take care of him by preparing his meal and keeping him warm. After Guardian escaped, he notices his leak and starts to chases him. The player will have to listen carefully to his scream to go at the opposite way, otherwise it will be killed.

After this sequence, he is not seen or mentioned again.


He usually appears as the main threat of Teletubby Mountains.

He patrols around the map and stay near each custards for a little while. He will chase the player after spotting him, but will lose interest if it gets too far away.

He is also the final boss of the Survival Mode and the playable character of the "Versus Mode".



Spotting Scream.
Mountain Scream


Chase Theme (Chapter 2)
The Superiority
Boss Battle (Survival)
Chase Music


  • The player can find notes in the cave, which were written by an experimented teletubbie.
    • One of the notes shows a drawing where in it are: Claw Tubbie, Yeti Tubbie and Arrow Tubbie.
    • His droid explained that he escaped the lands, meaning he's most likely the one of the trio who ran away.
  • His fake voice is only heard in the campaign, before charging The Guardian.
  • He eats meat, which is something unseen with the others teletubbies, except the Brute Tubbies.
    • This could be just because his droid cooked him what it found, or just because he don't have the choice to survive.
  • He is ones of the four characters to not have more than one mutation, the others being: Laa-Laa, Claw Tubbie and Arrow Tubbie.
  • His nickname "Yeti Tubbie" is referring to him being a big creature from the snowy mountains, while his other known nickname "Mountains Tubbie" is just referring to the place he is roaming.
  • In the trio, each members seems to be the extreme of what they looked like before being infected.
    • If so, this means that he was probably already big.
    • They are also bigger than the main four teletubbies on their first and only mutation, meaning they were probably originally bigger than them.
  • Despite being considered infected, he is showing signs of intelligence.
    • This is probably because he takes the Guardian to his house.
    • It may be that intelligence varies among individuals.
  • His servant tells at the Guardian that he escaped from the Main Land, meaning that him and his friends were presumably predecessors to the main four teletubbies in the Tubbytronic Superdome.

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